Information for Translators

Information for Translators

Who is going to make a good translation?

Profession of an interpreter has become very trendy in recent years. Unfortunately, not many people who dream about a career of an interpreter is aware of the hardships of this profession. It is not enough to finish philological studies or having a good language knowledge to make good translations. Few future translators are aware of the importance of broad knowledge in many fields. Good translations can be made only by a person who next to a good language knowledge has also well established recognition in many fields.

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How to make good translations?

The good start for preparation of a good translation is comprehension of the original text. No one, not even the most experienced translator can be an expert in every field. Therefore, every translator should use the Internet in his work. Preparing a good translation without looking into online encyclopedia is virtually impossible. One of such encyclopedia is Wikipedia.

Philologists, and specialized translations

The best translators of specialized and technical translations are the individuals who combine languages knowledge with expertise and understanding of the field in which they make the translation. According to this principle, the ideal interpreter will be a person who is a graduate from the polytechnic and philology or lawyer and philologist.

This does not mean that philology graduates cannot perform specialized translation. Since philological studies do not provide sufficient knowledge needed to perform eg. technical translations, people interested in such activities must complement this knowledge individually. The ability to search for the information and analytical thinking is almost as essential as the knowledge of languages. Preparing a good manual translation of any device, will not be possible if the translator does not understand how the device work?