Which CAT tools should we choose? Which CAT software is the best?

Which CAT tools should we choose? Which CAT software is the best?

People who decide to buy technology often seek advice and guidance to help them choose the solution that is right for them and their company or department. The subject is not trivial, because there are many solutions, moreover,  for several years of  CAT tools on the market, it has accumulated a lot of myths related to specific programs.The problem of people looking for a solution is often based on having no one to ask. Of course, each program has its manufacturer / reseller / distributor, who can be asked for information about their product. It's hard to imagine a situation in which a company or individual living from the sale of the program will tell someone that it is something wrong with the product, or that in their situation it is better to check out the competition program.

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When choosing a program lets not take into account only one aspect or functionality. You have to realize that the decision is multidimensional, and other aspects are important for translation agencies, translation departments, translation companies and individual translators.The purchase of software for the translation agency has a number of consequences. You should look at a cross section of orders and ensure that that program will handle requiring file formats, and with orders of CAT's specific formats. You have to decide about the scale of implementation, to apply or not to apply server technology. A separate topic is the number of licenses for employees or co-workers and their costs. Obviously this is not the full list. At the end a questions appears, where will the users start their adventure with CAT.

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How easy to use is the program? Is it easy to learn? Often as a user we have preconceived habits and preferences. It is very important if  a program is intuitive and predictable. From the perspective of translators, it is worth considering what programs are using employers and if the program they buy, will be able to handle only one file type or few other.

Internal departments also give a slightly different look. Often the most important thing here is information exchange and sharing of together gathered resources. It is also important if the handling of the program will be easy to learn and will every translator use it. Advising is a difficult subject, but giving a great satisfaction. It occurs when someone who listened to the advice is now pleased with the choice. Personally, I appreciate the freedom and the fact that being an independent consultant allows me to talk freely about the pros and cons of specific products. It is easier to show the pros and cons of current offers or promotions, when we have a broader picture of what is happening on the market. Selecting the right program is the first, very important step. This does not end here, but more on that another time.