Why is it worth to use CAT tools?

Why is it worth to use CAT tools?

Because the use of CAT tools brings more benefits than losses (the only obstacle that can occur is our laziness and unwillingness to change), it is worth using them in our work.

Firstly, our work is more effective and faster – the option of text division into segments, e.g. a sentence or a paragraph makes it more transparent and clearly separates the translated part form untranslated. Very often, many programs offer an option of marking parts of the text with colours for easy orientation of the individual paragraphs. It is much better solution than adding our translation under the input text in a text editor.

Secondly, many programs offer the opportunity to create glossaries that are vocabulary based from translated texts. Finding the universal Polish-Russian dictionary is not a problem, but reaching a dictionary of terms in these languages concerning architecture may not be that easy. So having such individual dictionary, available immediately and continuously expanding, will be a great option.

Thirdly- previously mentioned translation memory. Translation of a text is the creation of a new translation memory, which can be used successfully in the translation of the similar text. This is particularly true in specialized, technical or legal translations where many terms, phrases and expressions are repeated. This allows the translator to shorten the working time.

Fourthly, the use of such solutions does not underscores our professionalism, but also facilitate cooperation with a translation agency. It may happen that, for larger projects translation memory files are given to translators to facilitate their task. Lack of proper tools exclude us from the possibility of this type cooperation.

translation memoryFifthly, the use of CAT tools does not have to be associated with great expense. You can find a lot of free solutions or for a certain period of time you can use the trial versions of paid programs. This will give us the opportunity to gain skills in machine assisted translation which will result in quality of our work. For more expensive solutions a time will come- Rome wasn't built in a day.